What You Should Feed Your Dog *Pug*

Pugs originated in China and in the lower parts of Tibet. They were bred for the purpose to sit on the laps of the Chinese sovereigns during the Shang dynasty in 400 BC. However, there are documents of Pug like dogs seen in 551 BC by Confucius. They are thought to be responsible for the the modern Pekingese and King Charles spaniel breeds. Because they originated in the high altitude, it is assumed this is why they lack long noses.

When you feed your pug you need to remember that they need food high in animal fats. Their native foods would of included rodent, goat, deer, boar, horse or yak. Their grains included barley, rye, and mountain corn. For your everyday Pug we suggest horse and beef meat. Then for their grains give them barley, wheat and rice.

We would suggest you avoid any foods containing lamb, poultry, ocean fish, avocado, or yellow corn.