What to Feed your Schipperke

The Schipperke Developed in Flanders before the 12th century.  This small lowland country became part of Belgium in 1830.  The Schipperke was a barge dog and companion to the boatman who worked the channels of this lowland country for centuries.  the name Schipperke in Flemish means " little boatman." This breed also served as a ratter and carriage dog in the towns along the channels. A very active breed of dog, it burns calories at an exceptionally high rate on a per pound basis when compared with many lethargic breeds. Today's Schipperke is also one of the few breeds that lives an average of 15 to 16 years of age.  Such longevity is a very rare to this breed's efficient utilization of food and to its high activity level, which keeps it in good shape.

Native food supplies for this breed would have consisted of both ocean and fresh water fish, dairy cattle, grains from the barges, beets, and other low ground type vegetables.

for the Schipperke I recommend commercial foods that contain an equal amount of beef blended with fish.  The food also should contain wheat, oats yellow corn, and beets.  I also feel you should avoid feeding a Schipperke any soy, avocado, white rice, lamb or citrus products.