What to Feed your Miniature Pinscher

The Miniature Pinscher originated in Germany where its history goes back over many hundreds of years.  It was originally a barnyard ratter.  It is often called the Reh Pinscher in Germany because its appearance is similar to a native species of miniature deer.  They are called the Miniature Pinscher in the U.S.A because their appearance is very similar to a "miniaturized Doberman Pinscher." However, there is no genetic relationship between these two breeds.  The Min Pin is wonderful with children and in a family environment.  It is also very territorial and possessive.   Therefore, it makes an excellent family watch dog.  This breed is small and has a sleek appearance, yet it is very "thick boned."  This characteristic gives it a different requirement for bone building minerals per pound of body weight than other "small" breeds that are more fragile or "thin boned." Food supplies from this breed's native environment would have been sugar beet, potato, cabbage, and meats from pork, venison, and rodents.  For the Miniature Pinscher I recommend commercial foods that are a blend of horse meat, beef, wheat, potatoes, yellow corn, and beet pulp. However, you should avoid feeding a commercial dog food that contains any ocean fish, soy, or rice to this breed.