What to feed your dog *Xoloitzcuintli*

(Pronounced: show - low - eats - queen - tlee)

This is a breed that was developed in western Mexico and has been traced back to the Colima culture between 900 B.C. and 300 A.D. These dogs were thought of as representative of their god Xolotl and were given the duty of guarding the souls of the dead on their journey to the afterlife. When Columbus came to the Americas in 1492, he wrote in his journals about the presence of strange hairless dogs. He became interested in the breed and eventually took them back to Europe. Zolos have some unique features such as being hairless, having a high body temperature and they don't have pre-molar teeth.

Since these dogs were originally from the Western mountains of Mexico, the climate would of been very hot and humid. The native meats would of been very low in fat and the vegetation would of had a ton of citrus like mango and papaya. We do not recommend any of the commercial food blends what so ever. If you do own one, we recommend a lot of fruits, vegetables and while you are at it add water to the food. You want to keep it hydrated since it's body temperatures is different from other dogs. Also do not add anything artificial. If you want to feed it meat look for something very low in fat.