What to feed your dog *Saint Bernard*

The Saint Bernard is originally from the foothills of the Alps, sharing a very similar history with Sennenhunds *Swiss Mountain Dogs*. They grew up on the farm as working companions, but in 1660 they were taken to a hospice in the Swiss Apls and it was here that they became the iconic rescue dog. The monks from the Hospice du Grand St. Bernard saw some special characteristics in this breed that made them special for this job. To add their thick coat and heavy fat layer helped provide warmth  in the long exposure to the cold elements. Some of these same physical characteristics determine their unique nutritional requirements.

The native food supplies for this breed would of been mutton, goat, dairy, wheat and low ground vegetables. If you are looking to feed your Saint Bernard, we recommend you go with lamb with wheat and potatoes. You should avoid rice, soy, yellow corn, avocado, horse meat and beef.