What to feed your dog *English Foxhound*

It's time once again for "What to Feed Your Dog." This week, I was watching some old classic Loony Toons and noticed they used the English Foxhound quite a bit in their cartoons. Then thinking about some of the old hunting magazines I've seen, they use the English Foxhound quite a bit as well. Maybe back in the 20's-50's... the English Foxhound was the symbol, the "mascot" for all hunting dogs. Those are just my thoughts anyways. So where did the English Foxhound come from? The English Foxhound was developed around the late 16th century, in England. Hunting is a cherished sport to the English and unfortunately there was a huge depletion of deer in England. Therefore they thought, what would be a good creature worthy enough to hunt? They decided the fox would be best and thus the breeding for the Foxhound started. Whoever was in charge of the Foxhound knew especially what they were doing through the careful mixing of the Greyhound, the Fox Terrier and the Bulldog. All of them gave the Foxhound special qualities for hunting the fox and they are a lean and muscular breed. They can store large amounts of protein to supply their energy during the hunt, but they also require large amounts of water during the hunt.

The food supplies for this breed included fox, rabbit, and other small animals from the native environment, combined with the type of vegetables and grains found in England's farmlands. If you happen to own an English Foxhound, we recommend a diet consisting of high in fiber, carbohydrates from potatoes, oats and wheat and meats from lean horse meat and beef. Avoid fish, soy, poultry and yellow corn.