What to feed your dog *Dalmatian*

Hello everyone! I was thinking about what dog to write up next and it just so happened, I saw a fire truck. What dog is highly thought of as the mascot for Fire Fighters? The Dalmatian! The funny thing is, as I have been doing my research on this breed, I haven't found a good clear answer yet, to what made this connection to begin with. What more the origins to the Dalmatian has a lot of mystery to it as well. The FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) recognized the country of origin as the region of Dalmatia in the Republic of Croatia, citing Bewick's 1792 work. However, the Dalmatian has also been known world wide since the Middle Ages and the largest numbers are located in Central Europe and the British Islands. Some will even say they developed in Hungary or Africa... mainly because of their coats. One other thing to point out is that through out the centuries, the Dalmatian hasn't changed very much, even when it's had a change in its diet. However, they have suffered from different ailments depending on where it is located. Some think it's a direct result of food supply.

From the research I have gathered, it seems like when you feed your Dalmatian, try and feed it a blend of lamb, poultry and white rice. Try and avoid commercial foods that contain soy, beef or horse meat by-products and high fiber products like wheat, oats, and yellow corn.