What to feed your dog *Black & Tan Coonhound*

This time for our What to Feed Your Dog segment, I thought it would be cool to check out a dog breed here in the USA... the Black and Tan Coonhound. The development for this breed was in the southeastern United States *mainly in the Carolinas*. However, it is a descendant from the Talbot hound *now extinct*, Bloodhound and the Black and Tan Foxhound. That said, it is unclear when this Coonhound made its first appearance. In 1945, the Black and Tan became the only one of the six varieties of Coonhound, recognized in the Hound Group by the American Kennel Club. The Black and Tan Coonhound is said to be a very powerful dog that has the courage required to keep a mountain lion or bear at bay until the hunter arrives, as well as the quickness and stamina required to hunt raccoon and deer. Native food supplies for this breed would have been the same as for the early Carolina colonialist. This area provided many meats from deer, bear, wild boar and turkey. Rice was a huge commercial crop in Carolina. Then soy bean and flax would of been used for high amounts of dietary vegetable oil. When you feed your Black and Tan Coonhound I would look at foods that contain lots of rice blended with beef or horse meat, corn, wheat and beet pulp. I would stay away from fish or lamb.