What to feed your Bulldog

The Bulldog developed in the northern farmland counties of the British Empire where it was used in the "sport" of bull baiting.  Fortunately this "sport" is gone and the Bulldog remains.  It was on of the first breeds recognized by the newly organized Kennel Club of England in 1873.  At this time the breed standards were established.  These standards have not changed since.  This breed is very strong (muscled and willed) and has taken more than on child for a walk to wherever they dog decided to go. Nutritionally the Bulldog is a breed of dog that is very slow to mature.  They reach their full adult body size at about 14 months but should be nutritionally treated as a puppy until about the 30th month.  This will help develop healthier bones, teeth, muscles, and coats. Native food supplies for this breed would have been been and dairy products blended with large quantities of high carbohydrate potatoes and cabbage.  For this reason, today's Bulldog needs a food with a very high percentage of carbohydrate and fiber by not a very high amount of protein.  For the Bulldog I recommend commercial foods high in potato type carbohydrates with the protein being from a beef, wheat, and yellow corn blend.  You should avoid feeding  a Bulldog any white rice, soy, poultry, or lamb.