What to Feed your Affenpinsscher

The Affenpinscher developed in the lowland farm area of Germany prior to the 15th century.  It has a facial appearance similar to a monkey, and the literal translation of the German word Affenpinscher is "monkey terrier."  This breed of dog is very quick afoot and at one time earned its keep as an effective stable yard ratter.

Native food supplies for this breed would have been rodents (rats, mice and other small ground animals), poultry, and farmland grains of wheat, corn and barley or alfalfa with ground vegetables of potatoes, carrots and cabbage.

For the Affenpinscher I recommend commercial foods that are high in their carbohydrate content from potatoes and barley.  They meat protein source should be a blend of horse meat and poultry.  I also recommend that you avoid feeding any foods containing soy. beet pulp, white rice, fish meal or lamb to an Affenpinscher.