Brittany Spaniel

The Brittany Spaniel developed in an area for today's France that was controlled by the kings of England during the Middle Ages.  This area area was a popular hunting territory for the Norman nobles whose ancestors crossed the English Channel and successfully conquered England in 1066.  These Norman nobles were responsible for the development of ta hunting dog, which is the same Brittany Spaniel we know today.  The primary nutrients of their native environment would have been poultry, fish of  the trout family, beets, potatoes.  I note that this was that led to a critical difference between the Brittany Spaniel's nutritional requirements and those of the English Springer Spaniel--especially in the area of carbohydrate needs.   Reportedly, the Brittany can utilize a higher starch and carbohydrate to protein ratio than its English cousin (The English Springer Spaniel) when the carbohydrate source is beet pulp or potatoes.  The Brittany also does poorly on blends containing corn, barley or wheat, which are for the English Springer Spaniel.  For the Brittany Spaniel, look for all-breed commercial dog foods which sources of poultry, lamb, and beet pulp.  Avoid foods based on beef or horse meat and their by-products as well as any yellow corn, barley, wheat, or soy products.