There is always one very important rule to remember when you are considering putting your dog a boarding establishment: LOOK BEFORE YOUR BOOK.  If you  don't like what you see, don't expect that it will  improve by the time your dog arrives.  All boarding establishments for animals must be licensed by the local authority, but having a licence is not an indication of quality.  The standards laid down by each individual authority are always minimum standards, and as long as the kennels adhere to the minimum, they are granted a licence.  Unfortunately, in many cased, the minimum is not fit to keep any animal in, let alone a dog that has probably spent all of its previous existence having its every whim being pandered to in the comfort of a modern home.  There is  boarding kennels near my home, and over the years I have beard so many detrimental comments from dogs and cat owners about the place that I contacted the local authority and and asked them why they continued to grant a licence.