Animal Motion Sickness

Pet Motion Sickness Most all your animals that have issues with motion sickness truly have a problem with this. I am sure you have tried multiple formulas to help prevent your pet’s sickness. Some dogs will suffer from anxiety and intense fear from traveling in any vehicle. We wanted to give you a good essential oil blend to help you prevent your pet’s sickness. This oil has been known to at least be able to get your pet to a tolerable stance to at least get them into the vehicle without the major fear and anxiety.

Motion Sickness Essential Oil

½ oz. (15ml) base oil (hazelnut, or sweet almond is a good start)

7 drops Ginger, essential oil

8 drops peppermint, essential oil

Be sure that you store the essential oil blend in a dark glass bottle. You can apply the drops directly into the mouth I wouldn’t do any more than 2-3 drops and according to size. Also you can soak a small piece of cloth or paper towel and put it into your vehicle vent to help the circulation throughout your vehicle.