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Benefits of Anesthesia-Free Teeth Cleaning

Where patients visit once or twice a year for preventative examinations and cleanings instead of waiting for problems to develop. 






Preventative Care


Light Tartar - $195    

Moderate Tartar - $205

Heavy Tartar - $215


We love our customers and their pets.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

This was the third time I’ve taken my dog in for the cleaning. I was very satisfied with the service and cost. As a retiree, this was a great value for my budget!
“I like it that my dog is quite relaxed during the process. And I have 100% faith that her health is in good hands while she is with the nice staff at K-9 Smiles.”
What a great group of attentive hygienists! My dog is skittish and the hygienist talked to her the whole time and calmed her down. I am ashamed I waited so long to get my dog’s teeth cleaned.
“I brush my dog’s teeth every night, and each time I have brought her to you just in case she needed something, you were honest enough to refund my deposit as she didn’t need cleaning. Thanks!”
I was surprised that my little blind, nervous, neurotic Terrier was perfectly calm during the cleaning. Her teeth were spotless, and the price is reasonable compared to veterinary anesthesia cleaning.
For Dexter’s first dental cleaning, it was a wonderfully smooth process. He has no side effects or any pain that we can tell. His teeth look great!
“Everyone takes such good care and is so compassionate towards my Molly girl. Thank you so much K-9 Smiles.”